If you’re searching for relief for low back pain during your second pregnancy, I’m going to give you some helpful hints to help. If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out my previous post. I talk about a few reasons why you might have low back pain during your second pregnancy, even if you didn’t have any during your first.

Before you continue, it’s important for me to tell you that you CAN feel good during your pregnancy. It doesn’t have to be filled with low back pain, headaches, sciatica, or other pregnancy-related pains. Many women experience these common conditions during their pregnancy, so know you’re not alone. I’m here to give you my expert advice on what you can do on your own to help. If that’s not enough, reach out and see how chiropractic care can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy.

Here are my 5 tips on what you can do to relieve low back pain during your second (or first, or third, or more) pregnancy!

1. Find a Chiropractor for Pregnancy Low Back Pain

Finding a chiropractor for pregnancy low back pain and other related complaints can bring tons of relief! This may be new to you if your first pregnancy was a relative “walk in the park,” but I have worked with many moms on their second time around who have said, “I wish I would have done this the first time.”

Our bodies go through such a rapid physical change in such a short amount of time during pregnancy. Chiropractic care can help to support your musculoskeletal system during this time. Your chiropractor can relieve pregnancy-related low back pain, treat your sciatica, and even help with other new complaints like headaches.

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2. Strengthen and Stabilize Your Low Back and Pelvis

A program to strengthen and stabilize your low back and pelvis is an incredibly healthy habit to get into during your pregnancy. You can check out my video below with some easy exercises to help you do this.

If you read my prior post, I talked about how deconditioning can set you up for a tough pregnancy. I’m not saying you need to go back into the gym 3x/week before your next pregnancy (or during it,) but staying active with walking or even appropriate weight lifting while pregnant is good for you. Adding in the exercises in the video will help condition you even better!

3. If You’re Not Pregnant Yet, Talk to Your OB About Your Family Plan

If you’re still considering when to have a second child, talk with your OB about your family plan. Weigh the pros and cons of having your babies closer together. I have been seeing a lot of first-time moms who are older than 35 which I think is great. I was 31 when I gave birth to my first. There’s nothing wrong with waiting until you’re ready. Your age might play a role in how close your pregnancies are, though. As I talked about in my previous post, having a couple of kids within a relatively shorter amount of time can place more stress on your body perhaps before you’ve recovered from your first pregnancy.

4. Drink Lots of Water to Stay Hydrated

Drinking LOTS of water helps you stay hydrated, this is pretty simple.

Many of us are guilty of living chronically dehydrated because we’re so busy and not making water intake a priority. Water consumption affects our blood volume, blood pressure, and muscle and tissue health. Adequate water consumption keeps our tissues hydrated and our muscles from spasming. It’s also important for lubricating our joints since joint fluid and spinal discs are mostly composed of water.

5. Eat a Healthy and Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Eating a healthy and anti-inflammatory diet can make a big difference in how you feel, especially while pregnant.

If you’re having low back pain during pregnancy it’s more than likely mechanical in nature. Mechanical back pain, relating to the joints and muscles, has an inflammatory component to it. In the previous post, I discussed how hard a healthy diet can be at this point in your life. You don’t have to be perfect, but know that you (and your baby) deserve to grow using quality, nutritious nutrients. An anti-inflammatory diet can also help reduce inflammation that’s contributing to your back pain.

A healthy diet hint that I find helpful is to prep your veggies early in the week to speed up snack time and dinner. I like to chop mine into sticks as soon as I get home, or leave home, I can easily grab them for a healthy snack. You can even buy them chopped or have the store do it for you while you shop at some grocery stores!

Your Cary Chiropractor for Pregnancy

I hope some of these tips help you throughout your 9 month journey, whether you’re in the midst of it or just planning your pregnancy. If you’re in the Cary, Apex, or Raleigh area I’d love to help support you during the process. I have a passion for chiropractic care for pregnant women, especially treating pregnancy low back pain, middle back pain, or headaches.

Keep in mind that chiropractic care during pregnancy is exceedingly safe, and we can happily stay in contact with your OBGYN throughout the process if you’d like. When your pregnant, your treatment options are limited and chiropractic care can really help provide relief. I’ll also be here for you after your pregnancy should you have any lingering complaints.

If you have questions or are interested in a free consultation feel free to reach out on our Contact Page and I’ll do my best to help!

Dr. Brianna Williams DC is a chiropractic physician practicing at AccessHealth Chiropractic in Cary, NC. She treats neuromusculoskeletal pain and injuries using chiropractic manipulation, Graston Technique, rehab exercise strategies, and other supportive therapies. Primary areas of focus include pregnancy related conditions, back pain, neck pain, muscular pain, extremity pain, and orthopedic injuries. Dr. Williams is experienced in treating pregnant women, especially those who're exercising and want to stay moving during their pregnancy.

If you're interested in whether she or another AccessHealth provider can help you, navigate to our contact page or follow this link to request an appointment.