Raleigh Chiropractor

Providing Chiropractic Care to Raleigh and the Surrounding Area

When you find a chiropractor who provides excellent care that’s affordable, it is worth traveling for. AccessHealth is pleased to offer chiropractic care to the Raleigh and surrounding metro area. In fact, a large portion of our patients travels from Raleigh, Apex, Holly Springs, and Fuquay Varina for chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, dry needling, and other chiropractic care. While our clinic is actually located in Cary, we’re still conveniently located close to all these locations and many of our Raleigh chiropractic patients find our office convenient whether they are living or working in Raleigh.

Directions to AccessHealth Chiropractic Center from Raleigh

The easiest route to AccessHealth Chiropractic from Raleigh is the following:

  1. Take 40 West or East, depending on which direction you’re coming from.
  2. Exit onto Us-1 S/SU-64 W and continue into Cary.
  3. Exit onto SE Cary Pkwy.
  4. Continue on Cary Pkwy until you reach Old Apex Road, just across the train tracks.
  5. Turn right on Old Apex Road and continue about 1/2 mile.
  6. AccessHealth will be on the right side of the road, the first suite on the end.

Services Offered for Raleigh Chiropractic Patients

If you’re interested in a different Raleigh chiropractor, Click any of the links below to learn more about the services our chiropractors offer.

  • Chiropractic adjustments (chiropractic manipulation) to address joint fixation and poor joint movement patterns.
  • Graston Technique (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) addressing scar tissue, adhesions, fibrosis, and dysfunctional connective tissue.
  • Stretches and Corrective Exercises to lengthen tissues, strengthen underactive muscles, and correct dysfunctional movement patterns.
  • Acupuncture which research has proven to be effective for back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, and headaches specifically.
  • Ultrasound and Electrotherapy as supportive therapies used to help reduce pain, inhibit muscle tightness and spasm, and speed recovery.
  • Dry Needling to address active trigger points causing local and referred pain.

What our Raleigh Chiropractic Patients are Saying

Although many of our patients live or work in Raleigh, they find it worth the short trip to Cary instead of getting their chiropractic care in Raleigh. If you’re in Raleigh and looking for a good chiropractor near me, check out some of these reviews from our Raleigh patients.

“Dr. Jason and Dr. Brianna are both amazing. My husband and I absolutely love that we have found such amazing chiropractors!”

“I have never been to a chiropractor before until I started seeing Dr. Brianna almost a month ago. I am a runner and suffered a knee injury and was anxious to get back to running and recovering because I had a 5K scheduled for last Saturday. I am so pleased to say that even though I thought there would be no way I could run the whole thing so soon after my injury I was able to and it wouldn’t have happened if not for the great treatment I have been receiving from this practice! They are great about personalizing the treatments they give you and trying different things to get you the results you want. Plus, they are super nice! Highly recommend them!”

“Dr. Jason has already helped me alleviate pain in my lower back and shoulder in just 2 visits! I highly recommend both of them!”

“This is the best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had. The doctors made my treatment so personalized and I could tell they really wanted to see me get better. The custom treatment plan worked so well for me I can see major improvements. Very happy with the service!”