Payment and Insurance

Financial peace of mind


AccessHealth accepts cash, check, and all major credit cards including American Express.  We're also pleased to accept Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Account (FSA) payments, and will print off an itemized statement at your request.  Payment for the date of service is collected upon the completion of your appointment.  Remember, all out of pocket healthcare costs are tax deductible as well.

Health Insurance:

The clinic will submit charges to your health insurance plan, but we do collect payment on the date of service.  Your health insurance complany will then either reimburse you directly or apply the payment to your current insurance plan deductible.

AccessHealth Chiropractic Center is what's considered a private-pay, direct-pay, or self-pay clinic.   This allows our chiropractors to provide you with the most comprehensive chiropractic treatment available without the patient having to pay more out of pocket costs.  It also means less waiting and less hassle, because our chiropractors don't have to pre-authorize every service and appointment with your insurance company.

What this means is that we collect payment upon the completion of your appointment, but can also bill a patient's insurance if they would like.  Any benefits a patient may have for chiropractic care at our clinic will then either be reimbursed directly to you, or will come off your insurance plan deductible.