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– Chiropractic Adjustments
– Dry Needling
– Graston Technique IASTM
– Stretches and Corrective Exercises

Cary Dry Needling

Get relief from muscle pain, muscle tension, and trigger points with dry needling.

Cary Chiropractic Adjustments

Get relief from back pain, neck pain, and joint pain with chiropractic adjustments.

Stretches and Corrective Exercises

Get a strategic plan for stretching and strengthening to correct structural imbalances. 

AccessHealth Chiropractic Center

1517 Old Apex Rd Suite 118

Cary, NC 27511

Phone: (919) 377-0351

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Cary Chiropractor – Apex Chiropractor – Raleigh Chiropractor

AccessHealth Chiropractic Center provides chiropractic care in Cary and convenient to Apex, Raleigh, and the greater Triangle region. Our Cary chiropractors focus on providing chiropractic care for athletes and active individuals as well as chiropractic care for pregnancy.

Our chiropractors provide chiropractic adjustments, Graston Technique, dry needling, acupuncture and stretches and corrective exercises as strategies to relieve pain and get you back to being active again. This means you get comprehensive treatment with longer chiropractic appointments to relieve back pain, joint pain, headaches, shoulder and arm pain, hip and leg pain, and pain during pregnancy.

If you’re looking for a Cary chiropractor with 5-star chiropractic reviews, years of chiropractic experience, affordable chiropractic prices, and who’s evidence-informed then AccessHealth Chiropractic Center in Cary would love to help.


Chiropractic Adjustments

Learn how chiropractic adjustments can relieve pain and improve mobility.


Acupuncture and Dry Needling

See how acupuncture and dry needling can address trigger points and soft tissue injuries.


Graston Technique

Learn how Graston Technique can address dysfunctional muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.


Stretches and Corrective Exercises

See how stretches and corrective exercises can correct the cause of your problem.

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