Neck and upper back pain don’t have to be a daily occurrence. Here’s an easy exercise you can do for relief:

Use a lacrosse ball to work the muscles for pain relief.

Lacrosse balls are cheap, easy to find, and you can take them anywhere. EVERYONE should use one of these because WE ALL have tight and shortened muscles or tissues that need to be worked and lengthened. The likely suspects causing the tightness and stiffness are the splenius capitis muscle and the levator scapula muscle (see the picture.) So, how do you use the lacrosse ball?

  1. Find/buy a lacrosse ball.
  2. Laying on the floor or leaning up against the wall place the ball behind your upper back or neck.
  3. Move around to find the tender spots. When you find one put some pressure on it and hold for a few seconds.
  4. Try moving your head forward or moving your arm around after you find a tender spot.
  5. Work the area for 5-10 minutes a few times a day.

What about chiropractic for upper back and neck pain?

These muscles attach to your vertebrae, so there’s going to be spinal joint dysfunction that comes along with the muscle tightness and pain. In order to resolve the neck and upper back pain, you’re going to have to address this. Schedule an appointment at AccessHealth Chiropractic Center in Cary, NC and we’ll put you on the fast path to recovery. We’ll address the joint dysfunction, do some soft tissue mobilization, possibly do some ultrasound or electrical muscle stimulation, and give you some additional exercises to do at home.

Remember, these types of complaints are fixable and it usually doesn’t take too long to get relief. Waiting is only going to complicate the complaint and requires a longer course of treatment, whatever it may be. Chiropractic is a great non-invasive treatment option to consider for neck and upper back pain.