You may be surprised that a cardio blast after work will not do much to reverse the effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time. This article from Runner’s World discusses this and what it means to be an “active couch potato.” You can’t combat 5+ hours of sitting at work with a 30-minute elliptical session much like you couldn’t combat smoking a pack a day with an end of the day jog. You need to implement standing, pacing, and moving throughout your day effectively make a change. Here are some tips about how you can get moving at work:

1. Get a standing workstation.

This may be harder for some people who work in companies who do not really value ergonomics, but a standing workstation will work wonders for you. Using a standing desk actually increases productivity and brain function. A sliding station actually allows you to rotate between standing and sitting.

2. Sit on an exercise ball.

This is doable for almost everyone! Exercise balls cost around $20 so you’re not out too much if your company does not reimburse you. True, you are still sitting, but with an exercise ball, you are activating your core/stabilizing muscles and able to move around much more than your standard desk chair.

3. Pace.

When you’re put on hold or have a conference call, walk around your office. You’ll be implementing movement, which is an important part of managing back discomfort or keeping yourself from eventually having back pain.

4. Take the stairs.

You’ve heard this before as a trick to help you lose weight, but for our purposes, it is solely to get you moving. Adding in the stairs 3 times a day (when you get to work, at lunch, and when you’re done) will get you moving real quick!

5. Walk on lunch.

It usually only takes about 15 minutes to actually eat your lunch. Take the remaining 15, 30, or 45 minutes to go on a stroll. This doesn’t have to be a power walk. A nice easy pace will work as well. Bonus: you’ll get your blood flowing and feel more alert after you eat.

Try incorporating a couple of these tips throughout your day and see what a difference it makes!