Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman in pain

What causes pain during pregnancy?

At no other time in a woman's adult life will she undergo such dramatic physical changes in her body as she will during pregnancy. As baby grows, the abdomen pushes forward which increases stress on the round ligaments and the lumbar spine (low back). Stress on the round ligament is frequently described as groin pain or manifests as difficulty rising from a seated position. The increased lumbar curve associated with pregnancy can cause low back pain and fatigue. The baby's position can also put pressure on the sciatic nerve causing shooting pains down the back of mom's legs. The baby may be in a breech position which will make labor and birthing more difficult and increase the likliehood of a C-section. 

Women find that regular chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy keeps low back pain at bay, helps relax the round ligaments, and opens the pelvis which can help keep baby in a head down (vertex) position. Studies also have shown that gentle chiropractic care can help reduce labor and delivery times.