Neck pain is one of the most common conditions that our chiropractic physicians treat, only second to back pain related conditions. It can be extremely disruptive to your life not only causing pain, but also affects you functioning throughout the day. Similar to back pain, its one of the most common reasons patients visit the doctor and is more prevalent due to the frequency and duration we’re working at a desk and computer.

What are Common Causes of Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be frustrating, as it can disrupt your daily life significantly and be difficult to treat. Often, you have other complaints that are coupled with it such as headaches, upper back pain, or shoulder pain because of it’s close proximity and anatomical relationships with these areas. Our posture, daily habits, work demands, and exercise routines are typically factors that make the neck a vulnerable spot for pain.

Heat, ice, and over the counter pain relievers can help periodically with neck discomfort, but it’s important to address the primary cause of neck pain. With a detailed consultation and exam, the chiropractors at AccessHealth will make a detailed diagnosis of  the cause of your neck pain, discuss with you how and why it’s happening, and explain the best course of treatment.

Which Neck Pain Related Conditions Do Chiropractors Treat?

If you’ve already been seen by another provider and received a formal diagnosis as to why you’re having neck pain, below is a list of some of the back pain conditions that our chiropractic office has experience in treating effectively. Many patients consult a chiropractor as their initial provider when they have neck pain. In this case you may not be sure of the exact reason for your neck pain, but be assured, our providers have the knowledge and tools to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your neck pain.

  • Cervical joint dysfunction (poorly moving and functioning joints in your neck)
  • Acute neck pain (acute cervicalgia)
  • Chronic neck pain (chronic cervicalgia)
  • Cervical radiculopathy, radiating pain, and referred pain (commonly called a pinched nerve)
  • Numbness and tingling in the arm or hands (cervical nerve root compromise)
  • Cervical disc bulges, disc herniations, and degenerative disc disease in the neck region.
  • Spinal stenosis of the cervical spine
  • Neck muscle strains and cervical joint sprains
  • Neck joint and tissue inflammation
  • Muscle spasms in the neck
  • Osteoarthritis and other arthritic conditions of the neck (degenerative joint disease)
  • Poor neck posture (military spine, anterior head carriage, or text neck)
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Torticolis
  • Reduced cervical range of motion (severe neck stiffness)
  • Neck pain with associated headaches and jaw tightness

While this is not a complete list, it covers most of the conditions that cause neck pain and respond well to chiropractic treatments. If you have a neck related condition or diagnosis that is not listed, feel free to call our Cary chiropractic office and ask one of our chiropractic physicians if they can help.