Back Pain

What causes back pain?

The majority of people have experienced back pain at some point in their life and most of the time back pain has a biomechanical or musculoskeletal origin. In other words, back pain usually results from a problem with the bones, joints, ligaments, nerves, and muscles around the spine.  This is favorable because it can often be treated successfully with chiropractic care. More rarely it can be caused by a serious injury or condition.  In this case our physicians will make a referral to get you the care you need from the correct provider.  With a detailed medical history and exam the chiropractors at AccessHealth will identify the cause of your discomfort, discuss with you how and why it's happening, and explain the best course of treatment.  If you're curious whether chiropractic care can give you some relief, see the list below or give our doctors a call for a FREE consultation.

What are some back pain conditions we can treat?

The following is a list of some of the complaints that commonly respond well to chiropractic care: Spinal misalignment, misaligned hips, generalized mid-back pain, generalized low-back pain, chronic back pain, pinched spinal nerves, disc bulges, disc herniations, spinal stenosis, muscle strain, joint sprain, joint inflammation, muscle spasm, tailbone/coccyx and sitting discomfort, scoliosis, osteoarthritis and arthritis of the spine, sacroillititis, degenerative disc disease, and more.

Facts about back pain:

  • Back pain is the number one reason why patients seek chiropractic care whether it's upper back pain, mid back pain, or low back pain.
  • It's one of the top reasons for visiting a doctor's office and over half of working Americans have had back pain symtoms in the last year.  
  • Back pain is so common that 80% of the population will experience it as some time. The facts are alarming, however, many people don't realize how important a healthy back is until it's bothering them and they need to seek treatment.