Chiropractic care for hip mobility is a great asset if you’re looking to increase your range of motion and feel better. If there’s one thing that the majority of active people, especially CrossFit people, struggle with it is hip mobility. Chiropractic care for hip mobility is a great treatment option because chiropractors are not just experts on the back and neck, they’re JOINT EXPERTS! Our Cary chiropractors are official providers for 3 gyms in the region and work on hip mobility every day they’re in the office. Hip mobility is generally something that can improve with some hard work. Let’s look at, how hips get tight and also talk about chiropractic care for hip mobility.

Chiropractic Care for Hip Joint Mobility

Chiropractic care is excellent for increasing hip joint mobility. The primary treatment that a chiropractor uses is joint manipulation, also called a chiropractic adjustment. Lack of hip mobility will have a joint component to it, in other words, part of the problem is that the joint is not moving through its complete range of motion. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. Adhesions can develop in connective tissues around the joint. These adhesions are sort of like scar tissue and causing the joint to lose some of its normal movement. If you don’t address this, it’s usually going to progress.
  2. You may have bony build up, like spurs, around your hip socket. These changes are progressive as well and mostly result from a combination of your genetics, long-term lifestyle choices like diet and activity, and previous trauma to the hips.
  3. You may have lost some cartilage in the joint and it doesn’t move smoothly anymore.

The good news is that no matter which of these is affected you, you may still get some benefit from joint manipulation. Chiropractors can manipulate the joint and allow it to move better, and usually with less discomfort. If it’s severe, we may take an x-ray to evaluate, and refer you to an orthopedic clinic for comanagement.

Chiropractic for Hip Flexibility

Chiropractic care for flexibility of the hip is the other component that you need to address. This is usually the biggest hurdle for people. They just don’t spend time working on their hip flexibility with stretches, exercises, and soft tissue work. It’s enjoyable to push yourself when your workout, but not as fun to stretch, roll, and invest time in your flexibility. If you’re lifting weights, running, doing CrossFit, or just exercising, in general, you’re going to lose hip flexibility if you don’t invest in it. There are a couple reasons for poor hip flexibility.

  1. When you exercise you cause microtrauma to the muscles. This causes a local inflammation response, and the body heals these areas by laying down new tissue. Often you’re going to get fascial restrictions here too, however, and they manifest in tender areas (trigger points.)
  2. The other reason you lost hip flexibility is that the muscles become tight and shortened. If you don’t stretch them out they become accustomed to this and they remain that way. Chiropractic care for flexibility of the hip is an excellent way to improve and gain more flexibility.

Manual stretching, Graston Technique for the soft tissue, stretching exercises, and a chiropractor for dry needling to the areas around the hip will make a world of difference. Then you can continue exercises on your own afterward to build on what you’ve gained.

Cary Chiropractor for Hip Pain

Hip mobility issues often come with pain. If you’re having hip pain, you need to get it looked at. Our Cary chiropractors see hip pain and mobility issues on a daily basis so they’re a great resource to diagnose your hip issues, as well as formulate a plan of attack to improve pain, mobility, and flexibility. We use joint manipulation, exercise prescriptions, Graston Technique, and dry needling to address hip discomfort and get you back to being active and pain-free as soon as possible. If you have questions about how our Cary chiropractic center can help, feel free to give us a call and ask our local chiropractors if they can help.