Chiropractic for Wellness

Chiropractic wellness

Most patients have their first experience with chiropractic care because they have pain or an injury. This makes sense, if you have back pain, joint or soft tissue injury, or nerve discomfort a chiropractor is in most cases going to be the best to treat it. What can be surprising, is that after their active care plan is over, a lot of patients continue to see their chiropractor. So, why would you come to our office for care if you don't have pain or injury?

It Depends on Your Goals...
The number one goal in our Cary chiropractic office is to get you out of pain. Our patients typically agree that they came with the same goal in mind. Simply said, pain isn't fun to deal with. Pain is the result of a cascade of physiological reactions in the body that have lead to it. The job of pain is to motivate us, or change our behavior. It makes us seek treatment, or it might make us quit a behavior that's causing damage. The good news is that there's a reason for pain and if we figure it out we can address the problem.

  • Many patients have goals beyond getting out of pain. Here are some other goals they want to achieve with periodic care:

  • They want more flexibility, less stiffness, and generally more mobility.
  • They understand the importance of periodic maintenance, especially when it comes to their joints, and want to keep themselves moving well.
  • They want to do everything they can to prevent injuries, especially if they're active and place a lot of demand on their bodies.
  • They generally feel that they feel, move, and function better when they are treated from time to time.
  • They want to perform better at a sport or activity and like to spend time correcting imbalances that affect their physical frame.
  • They have a more holistic view of their health and like to avoid surgery, drugs, or medical procedures.

It's not strange or unecessary to get periodic care on your body. You get a medical exam and blood work at least once a year to be preventative, and you should. It's much easier to address things early on than wait till they've developed. It's also not strange to get chiropractic care because you just feel better when you do. Maintaining quality of life, taking care of yourself, and feeling good are fine reasons.

We don't put pressure on patients to see us after we've got their pain or injury under control. We make a recommendation based on how their active care went and let them decide. Patients sometimes come every week for wellness care, they're almost exclusively high level performing athletes. Frequently we see patients every 4 to 6 weeks for chiropractic care, and others schedule even less frequently. It's about finding what works for you, and if you want to call when you need us, we'd still love to see you.