Piriformis Syndrome

How many of you know someone with sciatica? It seems to be a very common diagnosis. Did you know that a lot of sciatic pain can be attributed to the piriformis muscle?

The piriformis muscle is a small muscle located under your glutes deep in your buttock. Look at where the piriformis muscle is in regards to the sciatic nerve.

 Diagram of piriformis sydnrome

Right by it! In fact, in about 80% of the population, the sciatic nerve actually pierces the piriformis. So, when this muscle spasms or becomes tight it can put pressue on and irritate the sciatic nerve. When this happens common symptoms include:

  • A dull ache in the buttock
  • Pain down the back of the thigh, calf, and foot (sciatica)
  • Pain when walking up stairs or inclines
  • Increases pain after prolonged sitting

Piriformis syndrome is usually diagnosed after ruling out other possible causes of the pain including disc herniations, spinal stenosis, and SI joint dysfunction.

The good news is that Piriformis Syndrome is very easy to treat! We adjust the surrounding joints, work out the muscle, and give you stretches to do at home. Most people feel better after their very first visit!