Do I Need Back Surgery?

Do I need Back Surgery? Chiropractors are experts on the back, and our answer is typically, “Try chiropractic first.”

56 million Americans have back pain, but only only 2% – 5% should actually go under the knife depending on what source you consult.  It’s always important to see a chiropractor and be evaluated before making any treatment decisions.  If you do need surgical intervention we’ll give you a great referral, but the truth is the majority of people improve with whats considered “conservative treatment.”  Chiropractors provide effective “conservative treatment” to help improve spine health and reduce pain, without the huge risks and drawbacks of surgery.  We also save the patient a lot of money.

You’ll be surprised how many patients we’ve had at our Cary, NC chiropractic office that have previously had back surgery.  Many times they come into our office worse off than before and regretting not trying chiropractic care before surgery.  What’s the worst that can happen?  If it we can’t help we’ll help you find someone that can.

In short, the answer to “Should I Have Back Surgery?” is different for each patient.  However, the chances are chiropractic can effectively treat your back pain naturally.  If you have a question about your specific case feel free to give AccessHealth Chiropractic Center a call and set up a consultation with one of our experienced chiropractors.