Joint Injury

Human joints are what allow us to move and carry out normal daily activities. As many people know far too well, though, joint injury can quickly occur leaving the joint inflamed and painful. The knees, shoulders, ankles, and spine are the most commonly injured joints, with 30 million doctor visits per year taking place for shoulder and knee injuries alone.  

Piriformis Syndrome

How many of you know someone with sciatica? It seems to be a very common diagnosis. Did you know that a lot of sciatic pain can be attributed to the piriformis muscle?  

Low Back Pain and Hip Pain in High School Hockey

Hockey is becoming an increasingly popular sport in the Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, and Raleigh area for high school aged kids. Lately,   I’ll cover the common issues I’m finding so you know how to spot them and identify when to see a chiropractor for treatment.