7 Foods to Give Up

How many times have you said to yourself: “I need to start eating healthier!” Probably a fair number, right? Here are 7 foods to give up now in order to start your path to health.

1. Sugary Breakfast Cereals
Breakfast cereal is one of the worst ways to start your day. The sugar and carbs in the cereal spike your blood sugar immediately in the morning and get you started on the blood sugar roller coaster. Ever notice that after you eat a bowl of cereal you’re hungry a couple of hours later?
Try this instead: Half an avocado and an egg. The good fat in the avacado and the protein in the egg will keep you feeling fuller, longer.

2. Soda
Again, the sugar in soda gets you back on the roller coaster. You may think that diet soda is ok because there are zero calories, but the sugary sweetness of a soda makes your brain want a meal or other food. Weight gain, heart disease, and diabetes are all linked to drinking soda daily.
Try this instead: Water! If you are completely addicted to multiple sodas throughout the day try a sparkling water with a wedge of lemon or lime.

3. Fast Food
I’m almost positive you have heard this one before, right? And it’s just so easy! However, the meals are fast and cheap for a reason. They are made with cheap products with little to no nutritional value. They are also very high in preservatives and bear little resembelance to real food. In fact, a burger and fries from McDonald’s does not mold or break down like real food does.
Try this instead: Buy hamburger in bulk and choose a night to make a bunch of patties. Freeze the patties and pull them out for a quick and easy meal. 

Ahhh, margarine. In the previous generation, it was toted as a healthy alternative to butter. Plus, it was much cheaper! Now we know that it is high in trans fats which increase your risk for diabetes and heart disease.
Try this instead: Butter! Butter is not bad. When in doubt always choose something that is made naturally, not synthetically. 

5. Anything that says “Low Fat”
For years we have been taught that fat causes us to get fat and that a low fat diet will keep our weight down. It probably came as a surprise that the obesity epidemic began in correlation with low fat dieting. When fat is taken out of food, something else has to be put in to make it taste good. Manufacturers replaced the fat with sugar. Our bodies were not designed to take in this much sugar so we become insulin resistant, overweight, and prone to diabetes.
Try this instead: Healthy fats! Your body actually needs fats in order to digest the vitamins A,E,D&K. Try eating guacamole or a handful of nuts.

6. Blended coffee drinks
Those mocha-choca-la-la-lattes are super high in sugar and calories. The chocolate, whipped cream, and processed creamer spike your blood sugar and cause you to have cravings shortly after.
Try this instead: Home brewed coffee with almond milk or cream. Coffee in itself has many health benefits.

7. Processed Meat
You’ve probably heard this one as well. Processed meats are high in sodium, preservatives, and nitrates. Try to stay away from those cold cuts!
Try this instead: Head to your local butcher shop and pick up some fresh meat cuts. Or, try the counter at your local store. It’s very easy to prep turkey or other meats for sandwiches the next day.

Remember that healthy eating is a constant choice! Try sticking to the perimeter of the store and taking a list with you. Planning out your menu and meals will you keep you from mindless eating and snacking.