Chiropractic Patient Reviews & Testimonials

"Highly recommend Dr. Jason and Dr. Bri! They do a great job with both adjustments and soft-tissue work."


"Excellent care! Really impressed with their ability to quickly find the issue and treat it. They also don't try to get you to come in more than needed. Highly recommend them!"


"These guys do a great job! You might go in w/ a tension headache, a terrible backache, or plantar fasciitis (or even vertigo!), and by the time you leave, you will feel so much better! And they make it a point to get to know you and what works for you! Definitely recommend!"


"Dr. Brianna worked wonders on my neck, back, and ankle after a fall! Very knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend her!"


"Jason and Brianna love their patients and keep up on the latest in treatments. Every treatment we do works immediately and long-term, and they consult with me on related fitness, stretching, and nutrition. No matter the joint or stiffness, they have found a way to mobilize, heal, and strengthen it. Thank you both for keeping me moving."


"Dr. Jason is obviously a magician. I have spent the last 10 years in an incredible amount of back pain. After several different doctors/approaches, including other chiropractors, I couldn't find any relief or improvements. The I met Dr. Jason. This will blow your hair back, but he actually listened to me, reviewed my history, and put together a plan to rid me of the pain. It worked - and now I see Dr. Jason once of month to maintain and live pain-free. Magic."


"Let me start by saying that all chiropractors are definitely not created equally. I've had 7 shoulder surgeries over the past decade and I've seen my fair share of pt's and chiros. Dr Jason really cares about his patients and their recovery. He has been providing me with pain relief by doing graston work on my rotator cuff as well as treating a lower back l4-l5 disc problem. If you're experiencing any kind of discomfort or pain you should seriously consider seeing Dr. Jason or his wife Dr Bri - Both my shoulder and lower back pain have drastically decreased in pain after just a couple visits!"


"Dr. Jason and Dr. Bree are not only amazingly brilliant at what they do, they're amazing people as well. The level of care (listening and not shrugging off my concerns like other chiropractors have and actually addressing the problem area has given me tremendous relief both mentally and physically) and the time they've invested in me personally has and will always keep me a loyal customer!


"I've been seeing Dr. Williams for one year now for back, hip and other exercise related issues. He is incredibly professional and knowledgeable when it comes to chiropractic medicine. I've seen other chiropractors before and Dr. Williams spends more time per visit with me then any other chiropractor that I've ever visited. His multidisciplinary approach has kept me healthy and still allows me to participate in the physical activities that I love. Five stars, definitely worth the drive to Apex to receive care.


"The wonderful doctors at Access Health Chiropractic Center, Brianna and Jason, do a fantastic job with adjustments and have helped me with getting pain under control. The treatments they provide bring instant relief and their tips to keep the pain away are always beneficial. When I had bad sciatica pain on my right side, Dr. Bree found a way to get right to the pain issue, treat it, and strengthen it, so it wouldn't happen again. I highly recommend Access to anyone needing pain relief and a game plan on how to prevent it from happening again. They are awesome people and always go the extra mile to make sure you're healed!